About me

ARDutch Dressmaking is the sole trading

company of Debby Addison-Robbe, based

in Billericay, Essex, UK.

At the age of 3, I started playing with

needle and thread.

At 6 I destroyed toy sewing machines, by

trying to sew fabrics instead of paper.

I then went on to sewing on my mother's old

and tired Leeuwenstein machine.

To this day I am amazed I did not loose a finger!

At the age of 12, I got my own first sewing machine.

The best gift ever.

At the age of 18, my first machine got upgraded to a Bernina,

which is still with me to this day.

Dressmaking is definitely in my heritage and blood.

After many tailors and dressmakers before me in my family

tree, I gained 2 dressmaking diploma's; Costumière and

Coupeuse and a degree in BA (hons) Fashion Design,

continuing the heritage.